Why Does Your Ecommerce Business Need A Mobile Application?


Mobile apps for your ecommerce store are proving to be a winning strategy. Get to know more from a reputed mobile app development company in Kolkata

Mobile applications have been successful in bringing about a massive change in the ecommerce industry. Digital marketers often remind new businesses and brands that their eCommerce store will never reach its full potential with a website alone. If you study the recent trends, you will understand that everything is moving in the mobile direction. 

With increasing mobile app development companies near me, let us take a look at how apps are transforming the retail industry. 

  • Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality: AR or Augmented Reality is a technology that helps you see virtual objects in the real world through your smartphones. On the other hand, virtual reality creates a replica of the real world through the help of high-performance equipment. These technologies are creating a loud cheer in the ecommerce and also, retail industry. The best part is customers no longer have to depend on their thoughts to visualize the product they wish to buy. AR and VR features in the mobile app fill this gap by bridging imagination to reality.
  • Chatbots: These are perfect for communicating with customers and also, helping them out 24*7. You do not need to appoint personnel to always be at service. With chatbots, communication is simpler, convenient, and also, easy. It automates your replies or communication process with the help of AI technology. General queries of the customers can easily be handled through chatbots.

Advantages Of Mobile Application Apps For Your Ecommerce Store

To sum up a professional mobile application developer in Kolkata will help your ecommerce business grow by:

  • Boosting customer relationship
  • Building a stronger brand
  • Connecting with your customers easily
  • Improving customer loyalty
  • Having a competitive edge in your niche
  • Reaching a higher customer engagement level
  • Building a direct and personalized marketing channel
  • Utilizing social media channels

To make an informed decision, you need to consider the following aspects before availing of android app development services in Kolkata. So, here goes the list:

Developing an app is a continuous process that includes selecting the app design, installing upgrades to existing features if any, fixing bugs and security issues, and also testing it periodically.  For example, know whether your partnering company is comfortable developing apps for various types of OS. Know whether they are skilled to build an app with an attractive UX design. To understand what is their USP, how it can make your business gain, analyze the domain skill.


Avant-Garde Technologies, a leading mobile application development company in Kolkata, designs and customizes mobile apps for various platforms like Android, iOS, and also, even cross platforms. Their excellent team of programmers and also, developers integrate the best practices to give you a robust, user-friendly mobile software application that runs smoothly on each of your mobile devices. 

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